Laurent FERY's Profile(for French Version)


LFM 95.5 FM  
Radio FM - Music Scheduling - Booking Artist - Community Management - Online, Offline Development .
Music Programmer / Sound Designer / Development / Promotion Industry
  In charge of the Music Scheduling, Sound Designer, Offline , Online Development
Radio off line and Radio online Webradios
Music Programmer / Creator / Music Supervisor / Founder
  I have builded a new program which reached more than 680 000 people
Television Broadcasting - Music Scheduling
Music Programmer of Tv Show "Nuit Du Ramadan 2009"
Television Broadcasting - Music Scheduling
Music Programmer of Tv Show "Nuit Du Ramadan 2008"
  I have scheduled the musical program for the tv show "La nuit du Ramadan" presented by Olivier MINNE and Farida KHELFA Broadcast on France 2 the 23 September 2008, this program has reached 18% Market Share with Zaho, Faudel, Thomas Dutronc, Grand Corps Malade, Orchestre National De Barbès, Takfarinas, Maxime Le forestier, Mouss & Hakim.
RTLNET division of RTL , RTL2 , FUN RADIO  
Radio off line and Radio online Webradios
Music Programmer / Project leader
  I have builded a new project of webradios, This was a research on 5 Webradios Program with several target
Music Scheduling - Webradio - Online Content Senior Music Programmer / Music Supervisor / Project leader / Co-Founder
This was a Webradio with 24 differents programs.

Since it's creation, we've reached 8 100 000 differents visitors or more than 20 000 000 visits.

We've reached the position 8th in the Measurecast/Arbitron in 9/2001 without a cent of marketing or advertising except business cards in colors.
FULL ACE MUSIC a division of TREMA  
Record company, dance label
Founder, Label Director and Head of A&R of Full Ace
On behalf of Trema , I have created and developed the label " Full Ace Music.". One year after, SASH! " Encore une fois " was declared N°1 of the yearly synthesis of the clubs 1997. This activity generated a business global number of 25 Millions of Francs.

Recruited by TREMA (N°1 independent in France) to settle and launch the Dance label, reporting to Managing director.
Record company, compilation, A&R, management
Promo manager of Dance Pool France / International A&R / Music Supervisor
For Sony Music, I supervised a promotion team of phoners with whom we got 25% of shares of working of Top 25 of the clubs, despite the thirty of promotion competitors structures.

As International A&R I have picked up the following artists :
Boris "Soirée disco" E Sensual "You should be dancing".
N' Trance "Stayin alive" Danube Dance "Unique"
Maxx "Get away" Sub Sub "Ain't no love"

I've settled a new technique of musical programming that I could apply in being executive producer of mixed program TOP DJ 1 to 3 (1 545 000 CD sold), process who has the advantage of being veritably available for all type of musical format.

During this time I was charged as up from radio promoter to International A&R / Promo Manager for Dance pool.
Music Scheduling
Translator Selector (R.C.S.)
French translation of the SELECTOR (Version 12 DOS) 80% of the 400 help screens included in the software, Worked with Philippe Generali (now based in USA)

During this time I've also supply 2 formations for music programmer to explain Selector.
Music Scheduling / Promotion Industry / Radio Broadcast
Unique NRJ's Music Programmer / NRJ's Promotion Industry
Reported directly to Max Guazzini (previously chairman of the Board) It means to schedule all the records during nearly five years for the whole national network more than 4 millions listeners, in charge of the relations with records company, several travel (ex : Usa to listen the new album of Janet Jackson, Uk London Madonna, Cliff Richards, Netherlands, Spain…)

NRJ's Promotion Industry : In the mean time Responsible of the presence of the trade mark NRJ for concerts and music events : U2 (65000 people), Bruce Springsteen (65000), Madonna (130000), Lionel Richie, Pink Floyd (50000), Stevie Wonder around 100 concerts.

Shows outside, closing sport events : In charge of the reception and supervisation of these shows
9/1983 - 4/1985 Radio NRJ - as benevolent  
Movies - Promotion Industry
Responsible of the team movies of NRJ / NRJ's Promotion Industry
Responsible of the team movies of NRJ, Management of a team from 10 to 15 people in charge of assuring a good execution of the previews, containing the distribution on Saturdays and the projection on Tuesdays from 1 to 3 preview by week for the thickest weeks.

Involvement to the operations of the lawn of Reuilly to the opportunity of movie "Footloose," Birthday to the island "St Germain", among the committee restricts 1984 of clarification of the demonstration of 8 December 1984 (300 000 people).

Assistant of Max Guazzini during school vacations. Door to door to find partners for the Music polls of NRJ.

Realization of several nights" Air Talent / Non Stop" to the antenna of NRJ. Welcome of the artists for the trays discos .

Entrance in the NRJ movies team for the movie preview of FLASHDANCE in 1983.

1982 Champagne Fm  
Air Talent
Air talent during the school vacations
1973 / 1977 Petits Chanteurs du Marais  
Alto in the choir

Alto in the choir of "Petits Chanteurs du Marais" (St Eustache)

Titres et Diplômes :

Leader Project Information Systems (R.P.S.I.) 15/06/2006 APFA

As a title of Level 2 code (NSF 326n) (Bac+4).

BTS Métiers de l'Audiovisuel (Option Management of Production)
Degree obtained 18/10/2006 (Diploma of Level III) (Bac+2)

TOEIC - TOEIC 830/990 Niveau CECR C1 13/07/2007
TOEIC Score : 830 Listening : 455 Reading : 375

Thanks for having discovered and supported the following artists, I received Gold Records of :
Pasadenas, Hit House, Rick Astley (1st et 2nd LP), Pacifique, Do the Funk Vol 1 , Boris (LP & 2 singles), Top DJ 1 (platinum), Top DJ 2 (platinum), Top DJ 3 (platinum) , Sash ! "Encore une fois" (Silver), Sash ! "Ecuador" (Silver), Sash ! "Stay" (Silver), Billy Paul "Your song" re-issue 1994.

ENGLISH : fluent , able to negotiate contracts in English, during MIDEM usually more than 60 meetings in 4 days just in English.

FAVOURITE WRITERS : Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins, Stephen R.Covey, Napoleon Hill, James Redfield.

Good : Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Excel, Ms Word, Firefox, Internet Explorer, MS-DOS, HTML, JavaScript, Visual Basic, SQL, Photoshop, Audio software, Cool Edit, Audiograbber

INTERNET : Connected since July 1996

20 years reader of Music Week, Music and Media, Update,

10 years attended international meetings : D M C World Championship (UK or Italy MIDEM (Cannes), Popkomm (Germany / Koln), Winter Music Conference (USA / Miami), Amsterdam Dance Event (Netherlands/ Amsterdam), Nightwave (Italy / Rimini). In touch with more than 300 dance labels all over the world